Tips For Selecting the Best Customer Service Apps for Your Business

Are you looking for the best customer service apps for mobile devices? This is one of the biggest challenges that a small business owner faces today. In this article we will try to help you find some of the best mobile customer service solutions available for your business needs.


One of the best ways to select a customer service solution for a small business is by choosing from several different options. The most important aspect is to find out which options will be most appropriate for your particular needs.You will want to decide first whether your business will be more interested in using mobile phones as a primary communication tool, or if you will need to be able to use these devices to send and receive faxes, emails, voice mail, and even take pictures. Your ultimate decision will depend on how much you want to spend on the devices and if you are only going to use the phone for the basic services.

There are actually a number of apps available for the iPhone and iPad today that are designed specifically for business owners that are looking for mobile cell phone usage. Some of the better choices include:

Call Capture – This app allows a business to easily capture live and recorded customer calls, as well as record voicemails. It can then be organized and played back whenever needed.

Business Conferencing – This app is great for business owners who want to create conference calls between customers, employees, and suppliers. Businesses can use this app to provide a list of conference calls that have been attended and recorded, as well as the minutes of those calls.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – The iPhone and iPad versions of this software allow business owners to manage all of their customer relationship information, including: names, addresses, and contact numbers. They also allow business owners to track the progress of their customer service activities and provide the ability to schedule appointments, add appointments, and keep tabs on individual customer contacts.

If you find that you need help with making the right decisions about the kind of customer service apps that will be best for your business, then look for apps that are designed for both the iPhone and iPad. As mentioned earlier, these apps can cost a bit of money, but they are very useful for many businesses, especially if you want to keep a close eye on all of your customers’ communications. You might also want to check out myfritz and Login 192.168.l78.1.

Finally, look for customer service apps that can help you provide instant access to customer support, so that you can take care of any customer queries or problems immediately. This will keep you from having to take up valuable time with calls from customers when they do not have an immediate need for service.


It is important that you select the best customer service apps for your business that meet the needs of your customers. With these tips in mind, you will have all of the tools that you need to succeed with your business.