AVM FritzBox 7590 Full Review 2020

The Fritzbox 7590 is AVM’s current version and provides WLAN router performance in addition to a DSL modem telephony, WLAN net, and house features that are restricted. We consider the model from the evaluation.

The plan of this Fritz!box is unobtrusive and due to its overlooking WLAN antennas, it doesn’t disturb optically. The majority of the links are. The plastic isn’t a revelation, but luckily dust and scratches are much less visible on the vinyl that is as on the typical surfaces. All in all, leaves an excellent impression.

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Features of Fritzbox 7590

#1. Well-structured and comprehensive net interface of this Fritzbox

The massive Fritzbox provides numerous hardware characteristics in addition to a comprehensive software repertoire. Great value is attached by the maker AVM . This may be viewed to the configuration in the setup. The internet interface available via fritz.box is obviously organized and left nothing to be desired from the evaluation. Program support purposes and upgrades are one of the highlights.

Regrettably, the 7590 doesn’t yet support the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), but remains content with Wi-Fi (802.11ac). It may function simultaneously in the 2.4 and 5 GHz band and only with a single SSID and automated switching between the two bandwidths. But this worked from the evaluation together with iPads and Macs. In the area at which 5 GHz may be obtained but a relationship or no information rates is accomplished, the Fritzbox did not change. This issue can also be present with all the terminals with different programs (SSIDs), however you need to manually change the alternative into the 2.4 GHz range in the limit range.

At this rate you’ll discover the missing outside antennas in comparison to our Linksys EA8500 benchmark router. When there’s a brick wall between the router and laptop and a ceiling, we quantify lower data speeds compared using the Linksys router. But we reach a steady connection and the operation is enough to provide a little single-family home (with fundamental setup ).

#2. Emissions

The Fritz!Box 7590 was hot at the evaluation. We quantified 41°C in the ventilation slots in the top side and around 48 °C. The energy consumption is using 10 – 11 Watt from the framework (= maximum. 96 kWh and so roughly 29 Euro in 30 Cent/kWh annually ).

When the range isn’t enough, the WLAN network could be extended via net. In the evaluation, we used the range to raise. The repeater is rapidly installed (simultaneous push of a button at the very first setup is adequate in the router and in the repeater) and faithfully expands the system. The assortment of the repeater is nevertheless also restricted and the place has to be selected well (because it needs a fantastic reception into the router). Practical is your built-in Gigabit LAN interface where you may also join the repeater into the router through LAN or make a WLAN bridge into a wired device (e.g. a desktop).

With 3-4 Watt power consumption (= maximum 10.5 Euro annually ) that the repeater did not require an excessive amount of energy at the evaluation, but the surface becomes comparatively sexy. 42 °C is measured by us on the side.

#3. Powerline functionality Depends upon the power lines

Another chance to enlarge the system without extra cabling is your 1260E Powerline Set. This enables the power wires in the home. At the roughly 15 year-old terraced home but that only worked using information rates that were great in precisely the exact same circuit. Electrical circuits in flooring led to no benefit and rates to the WLAN connection. As with all the AVM goods, the installation was simple to achieve.

#4. Remote controllable socket with current measurement

Along with the system works, the Fritzbox as well as the built in DECT works (for wireless phones ) may also be employed to implement clever home functions. The Fritz!Dect 200 is an power outlet which may be controlled via program and router and may assess the current of the apparatus that are attached. The installation was straightforward and the plug functioned without any issues.

Our Verdict

The Fritz!Box 7590 is a existing WLAN router with easy performance and extensive functions. On account of this dearth of antennas, an design which is readily incorporated into any dwelling is achieved by AVM. You forfeit functionality and some WLAN variety. We enjoyed the operation via internet interface and program very much from the evaluation along with the broad (optional) accessories such as the very simple installation and the selection of functions.

We can, therefore, suggest the Fritz!box, as well as the attachment goods with a transparent conscience and, are anticipating the coming Wi-Fi (802.11ax) goods from AVM.