Not Working Issue [Problem Solved]

Have you encountered “ not working” issue when you tried to access your router’s dashboard? This is a common problem when it comes to router or broadband. But it is also an issue that can be solved by just a few tricks. That’s what we are going to teach you today. not working

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What is

Every router has an IP address which you need to know in order to access the router’s settings and make configurations on it. The default gateway of most of the routers is If you want to know your router’s IP address, you can use the CMD (for Windows) to find it.

Now, let’s tackle the issue of “page isn’t working” when you open the address on your browser.

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How to Fix “ Not Working” Issue

Before we give you the solutions to this problem, let us know first what causes this issue. There are many factors why sometimes you encounter the problem on your router. However, these factors are just so basic that you are able to fix it yourself.

  • You have entered the IP address incorrectly
  • Your computer’s IP address is set to static instead of dynamic.
  • The issue is within the router

Now that you already know what are the main causes of the issue, let’s try to solve each.

Incorrect IP Address

Oftentimes, we mistype a URL that leads us to a broken or cannot be found pages. Just like when we try to access the default IP address of our router. Instead of typing “,” we type the last digits as “l.l” (letter l). That’s when the problem occurs.

Always check if you are entering or typing the correct address. Do not also forget that you are typing it on the address bar and not on a Google search bar. Simply input (numbers and dots), and it will automatically open your router’s dashboard.

Computer is set to Static IP Address

Computers can detect an IP address automatically if it is set to dynamic and not static. You also need to know that your PC and your router’s IP address must start with similar numbers (the last digits can be under 255 but not 1 or 0). This has something to do with the communication between the two devices, the router, and your computer.

To check the IP address of your computer, you can run the IPCONFIG on Command Prompt for Windows devices. To check whether your computer’s IP address is set to static, see the options on your device settings under Network and Internet Settings.

Router Issue

There is nothing much technical when it comes to router issues. Most of the time, the only way to fix such problems is to restart or reset your router. You can also consider upgrading your wireless network especially if you are using it for quite a long time already.

In Conclusion

have you fixed the issue on your router? We do hope that this tutorial can help you in any way. Please leave us a comment below.